Runners High Workouts

Do you want to be happier? Get fit without spending any money? Relieve stress? Be high on life?

Well, guess what? Running can make all of those wishes come true!

My favorite thing about running is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. All you really need is your body and a great pear of sneakers. I, personally, like On-Running Clouds because they are designed to work for everyone.

As a marathon runner, I've come to realize that sometimes I achieve runner's high and sometimes I don't. That said, I want to help you reach that euphoric feeling as often as possible. This, however, will require you to push your body out of your comfort zone–far, but not far enough to feel defeated.

I have built three different workouts for three different running scenarios. They include the gym on a treadmill, your local track, and the great outdoors. These workouts are designed to help get you to get “runner’s high” without putting too much stress on your body.

On your mark, get set, go!

the track

Grab a friend and try this track workout together!
Lap 1: Run
Lap 2: Long Sides - Side Shuffle, Short Sides - Walking Lunges
Lap 3: Run
Lap 4: Long Sides - Sprint, Short Sides - Power Walk
Lap 5: Run
Lap 6: Long Sides - Grapevine, Short Sides - Power Skip
Lap 7: Run
Lap 8: Long Sides - Sprint, Short Sides - Power Walk

the treadmill

Running in place at one speed for a long time can become very repetitive. Chances are, you might go a little crazy.  Here I've created a 10-minute interval training that you can repeat as many times as you would like. Remember:  the more time spent, the more miles traveled.
3 min light jog
30 sec sprint
30 sec speed walk
30 sec sprint
1 min light jog
30 sec sprint
30 sec speed walk
1 min light jog
30 sec sprint
30 sec brisk walk
30 sec sprint
1 min light jog

the great outdoors

Oftentimes, you’ll set out for a long run, still have endless miles ahead of you, and start to feel bored. Turn your workout into a game!

Make a killer playlist and do the following:

  • New to running? Run during the chorus and walk the rest of the song.
  • Avid runner? Run the whole song, however, pick it up and sprint during the chorus.

Make sure to STRETCH before and after each run. I have found myself very sore after a run because I didn’t take the time to stretch and loosen my muscles. You don’t want lack of stretching to trigger your mind that running isn't fun!