Training for Boston Marathon 2019

So we left off with me saying I wanted to get under 2 hours and 45 minutes in a marathon to qualify for the Olympic Trials...

Did I say this because I thought it would be easy? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I said this because I discovered something new with my body during the NYC marathon, and just like I preach to all my athletes, I wanted to tap into my powers and push my own limits.

I crossed the NYC finish line feeling great - in fact I was jogging later in the day. To me this meant that I didn’t lay it all out on the course and I have more left in me.

I am always using my energy to inspire others to find and live their max joy. My initial thought was - if at the age of 29 - I discover a talent that could possibly lead me to the Olympic trials, something I NEVER thought I would ever get to do - I could inspire others to take risks that could challenge their strength and show their own super powers!

With this thought, I immediately signed up for the Boston Marathon in hopes to get closer to this new goal with the help of my coaches Luciano and Marie.

I remember my first tempo session with Marie like it was yesterday. She told me to stay right on her shoulder the whole time as we tackled a 6:25 pace for 7 miles. Mentally I was out of it, but to my surprise my body was rocking this pace! We finished with our strongest mile and ended with big smiles - this was a relationship I was excited about! Marie herself was a 2:40 marathoner, which inspires me greatly!

The workouts became more difficult as the weeks went on. My speed sessions left  would leave me with a terrible stomach ache from pushing myself so hard, and the growing mileage was pushing my exhaustion limit.

I started drinking caffeine - something I never needed with the amount of energy I naturally have - It helped a lot! I was able to get my training done before I would tackle my classes and help other athletes reach their goals.

 I was doing many of my training sessions alone, mainly because of timing. I hit a point where I needed to train with others to make the training miles more enjoyable. This is where I give a big thanks to my friends Josh Arden and Brian Levine. I am grateful for many strong (fast) miles with these two!

 I sit here today writing this post wishing I had documented every workout - the good, the bad and the ugly - that I took on over the past 5 months. I am currently full of energy and ready to take on the Boston Marathon in just one short week! How am I feeling about the race?! Well, that will be the next post...