About Me


My name is Emily and I am here to infuse energy and positivity
so that YOU can find and live your max joy.

We all live in this fast pace world where hustling, from one place to the next, is the complete norm.
The hustle is present, but not always healthy. 
The Healthy Hustle is designed to create the happiest, healthiest and BEST version of you. 
As a certified personal trainer, run coach, health coach, group fitness instructor and life mentor,
I have dedicated my life to help others.
I know this is what I was born to do and I wake up every day excited to enhance peoples' lives.

Have you ever wished for a simple way to increase your happiness and sustain your smile?
Well, wish no further...
I am here to share my recipe for joy.
Start by creating a list of 10 guilty pleasures that bring you joy.
Focus on doing at least three of those things every day.
Share your new habit with your friends and encourage them to do the same.
Friendly reminder: the list should be ever-evolving-- life happens, things change.

“Strong, Stronger, Strongest” is a mantra I use everyday.
I share this with all of you to encourage you to reach levels of strength and empowerment that you didn’t know was possible.

And I will leave you with this, my daily motto is “be the reason someone smiles today.”
This helps spread the vibe of positivity and happiness with everyone I interacts with along my journey.

Come join me to change the world one smile at a time.